Lightning rounds #18: How to give a conference presentation

Brandon and Bryan chat about academic presentations… how to prepare and submit them, selecting the right venue, giving a good talk, and the elephant in the room: why to do it at all.

Lightning rounds #17: Reading chest x-rays

Brandon and Bryan share their approaches to the chest x-ray in the ICU. Plus: Bryan’s an FCCM!

Here’s the Radiology Masterclass.

Lightning rounds #16: How we do case-based teaching

Brandon and Bryan talk about how they assemble, implement, and leverage case-based learning, from this podcast to simulation to oral scenarios to internal visualization.

Lightning rounds #15: Night shifts

Bryan and Brand talk about night shifts, how to handle them, managing the disruption of your circadian rhythm, and more.

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Lightning rounds #14: Abdominal compartment syndrome

Brandon and Bryan discuss a practical approach to abdominal compartment syndrome: when to suspect it, confirming the diagnosis with bladder pressure or other monitoring, management, and prognosis.

Sorry for the audio on this one!

Lightning rounds #13: What’s the deal with nurses?

Brandon and Bryan reflect on the qualities that define good and bad ICU nurses, the challenges they face, and how APPs and physicians can enable them to be their best.

Lightning rounds #12: Co-managing patients in a surgical ICU

Brandon and Bryan talk about the practicalities of communication, collaboration, and compromise in a surgical ICU, when the surgical and critical care teams are both involved, one is the “primary” team on paper, but everyone needs to be heard.

Lightning rounds #11: Reflections on two years of the podcast

Bryan and Brandon look back on the two-year anniversary of the show and reflect on where it’s been, where it’s going, lessons learned, and other deep thoughts.

Lightning rounds #10: Physical examination in the ICU

Bryan and Brandon talk about the physical exam: how we apply it in the ICU, its utility and changing role in the setting of modern diagnostic modalities, and its best and most practical use-cases.


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Lightning rounds #9: Notes and documentation

Bryan and Brandon chat about notes: what makes a good one, their many and conflicting purposes, some structures and approaches, system- versus problem-based charting, and more.