Lightning rounds 39: Understanding flight medicine with Jace Mullen

We explore critical care transport medicine from both a clinical and career perspective, including helicopters (HEMS), fixed wing jet, and ground ambulance transports, with Jace Mullen, flight paramedic and airway educator out of Denver.

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One thought on “Lightning rounds 39: Understanding flight medicine with Jace Mullen”

  1. Just listened to your interview with Jace Mullen. He did quite a good job about explaining flight medicine but wanted to add a few more things. First I’m saying this with a background as an ICU NP for the last 8 years and a previous flight nurse for 10 years. The topic of safety was brought up and one thing to consider is that not all programs are created equal. My program was dual pilot and IFR capable and that lead us to taking a number of transports that area VFR programs could not perform. Also different aircraft have different capabilities (entire discussion here). As for crew configuration he was correct about the RN/Medic being predominate but I operated at a nurse/doc, nurse/nurse, and NP/nurse crew configuration. The doc or NP brings a great deal of critical thinking the ability to “prescribe at the bedside” and do advanced procedures if needed, and bill. I have been on transports where we have placed a CVC or A-line. A former colleague just co-authored a paper.

    Love the podcast!


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