Lightning rounds 36: Nurses are from Venus

Bedside nurses and providers (physicians, PAs, NPs) tend to see the world differently, much of it driven by their training and the systems they work within. We chat about reconciling this and how to best function as a team.

4 thoughts on “Lightning rounds 36: Nurses are from Venus”

  1. RN here (MICU/CVICU/progressive care). Long time listener, first time commenter – great discussion on how providers perceive nurses. Would be further enhanced to get some nurses to give feedback from our side of the aisle on how we see providers and what how we distinguish great ones from those we’d rather avoid. I think there’s a lot of potential dialogue surrounding this aspect of the healthcare team and how we can communicate and work more hand in glove together and make all our lives easier.

  2. Medical critical care nurse here at a level 1 in Michigan. Great episode, it truly is a breathe a fresh air for me during report and I hear that APP’s are the primary team, I know things will get done in a timely matter and my opinion will be taken into account. I would love to talk more about my expirence working closely with PA’s and NP’s in my setting.

  3. MICU RN here.

    I love it when providers look me in the eye and show/tell me that my concerns are heard, regardless if they are “valid” or not. Sometimes I may express a concern and immediately the provider will wave it off. Please let me know why so that I may understand too. Don’t let me sit here anxiously worrying about something if I don’t need to be.

    I also love it when providers tell me the plan and it’s not just me finding out by reading their note 2 hours later. When providers come up to me and say “for this patient, I really want to get them at net equal today. I order 60mg of lasix for 9am. This should help with them passing their SBT for tomorrow, etc etc. Do you need anything from me?”

    I love my job and I love the providers I work with. We all work so hard and often get little to no reward. Thank you for all you do!

  4. Critical care nurse working primary in Cardiovascular Critical Care, but also Medical/Surgical/Neuro Critical Care as well.
    Have been listening to this podcast since its beginnings. Love studying through these cases with you guys and anticipating orders/interventions based on my experience at the bedside with these patients.
    Really appreciate this episode about nurses and their utility and role in patient care. Think it would be really cool like you guys said to interview some nurses and walk through a couple cases with them and their perspective on things.
    Appreciate the work you guys do. Thanks!

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