TIRBO #22: Understanding “weak” trainees

You have a trainee, orientee, intern/resident/fellow, student, or other learner who just seems slower than the rest. What should that mean to you? A perspective on this week’s TIRBO.

TIRBO #21: Locating, securing, and dressing lines

How to locate, secure, and dress your lines so they’ll stay put and stay clean.

TIRBO #20: Understanding the needle

Understanding the various needles in your central line kit, how to get really, really good at ultrasound guidance, what to do when your view stinks, and more needle-related tips.

TIRBO #19: Guidewire safety

Ensuring patient and operator safety with Seldinger guidewires, with considerations such as losing wires, transecting them, and perforating vessels.

TIRBO #17: Being cool is a privilege

Ruminations on nursing post-nominals, understated wealth, and how it’s easiest to not show your power when you already plenty of it.

TIRBO #14: Trajectories of illness and critical care

How the arc of disease peaks and falls, and how the curve of our care should match it to avoid under- or over-treatment.