Lightning rounds #13: What’s the deal with nurses?

Brandon and Bryan reflect on the qualities that define good and bad ICU nurses, the challenges they face, and how APPs and physicians can enable them to be their best.

2 thoughts on “Lightning rounds #13: What’s the deal with nurses?”

  1. As a nurse for over 30 years I loved this podcast. I worked ICU, ED, and now flight critical care transport and continue to be pushed to advance to NP, educator, or admin. I like being a nurse at the bedside. Do they ask teachers when they are going to become a principal? Why do they make nurses feel like a failure if they have a passion at the bedside?

  2. When nurses are included and valued in the plan of care and are given opportunities to go to conferences, etc on the hospital’s dime, are given opportunities to learn new roles like precepting (without a full load of patients) and see management giving a helping hand, they are more likely to stay. Taking nurses under your wing and being willing to teach them (like sharing your reasoning—because my next patient that is similar, I’ll remember that explanation and will better prioritize) to help them on the path to becoming a more competent nurse all help. I appreciate doctors who share insight and talk about what they are doing. It builds my knowledge and rapport with the provider. Great episode. I am in the process of becoming a small hospital icu nurse. Without a team of support. I will be relying heavily on communication with the provider. So I can only hope they will be willing to communicate.

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