Lightning rounds #27: Our favorite FOAM

Bryan and Brandon share their favorite podcasts, blogs, social media, and other online channels for medical education.



Twitter accounts

So, with Twitter, we could post all day and still leave a bunch of people out. Here are a few…the best way to find good Twitter followers is to start with these and see who THEY follow and interact with. Then see who THEY follow…repeat.

  • @IMcrit
  • @rbarbosa91
  • @caseyalbin
  • @critconcepts
  • @CritCareNotes
  • @emily_fri
  • @Dr_Oubre
  • @VLSorrellImages
  • @NephroPOCUS

9 thoughts on “Lightning rounds #27: Our favorite FOAM”

  1. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie to you Jose, we never got around to the list. As predicted. But if you can’t find anything mentioned, just ask and we can share it!

  2. Wow! Yeah I was really hoping to find the list of FOAM on the show notes. Now we know that the “show notes” aren’t really a thing….bummer

    1. Man, tough crowd. Okay, I’ve added some; give Bryan a day or two and we’ll see if we can get most of the rest.

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