2 thoughts on “TIRBO #12: On heroics (or: is critical care hard?)”

  1. Brandon,
    Thank you for this episode!! I absolutely agree and have struggled to get this point across to people in my nursing school cohort who keep insisting nurses don’t get paid enough (and I’m still thinking >$25 an hour sounds like a fortune!) There’s not much nobility in picking a career I want over a whole lot of other jobs, especially desk jobs, that would bore me silly. It’s just what I want to do. Nothing really heroic about that.
    Anyway, I love Critical Care Scenarios and really appreciate the time you guys put into the podcast. Congratulations on the new house and especially the baby!

    1. Thanks! I’m just… so tired…

      Whether bedside nurses are being paid a competitive wage that makes that job preferable to other jobs someone with those skills could work instead is a whole ‘nother question (one we touched on in Lightning Rounds #13). But that’s just a matter of market forces, not morality. Morally speaking, I don’t think the lesson is that nobody does hard, important work… it’s that most people do hard, important work, medical professionals included.

      Life’s tough. The idea that anybody is out there sitting on their laurels, raking in dough for doing very little is usually a fantasy, one only made possible by the fact that we don’t walk in their shoes.

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