Lightning rounds #32: Creating a POCUS system with Leon Chen

We chat with Leon Chen about his work setting up infrastructure for clinical POCUS at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Leon is an Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in the ICU, Clinical Program Manager of Research and Simulated Learning, and an Associate Professor at Columbia University School of Nursing.

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  1. Leon’s recent paper: Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) Program for Critical Care Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in an Oncological Intensive Care Unit and Rapid Response Team

Lightning rounds #31: How to not get fired

Bryan and Brandon chat about holding down jobs, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills, and how to protect yourself as an employee.

Lightning rounds #29: Making APP and physician collaboration work, with Matt Siuba

We chat with friend of the podcast Matt Siuba (@msiuba), Mr. Zentensivist, to share our distinct perspectives on the relationship between APPs (PAs or NPs) and the intensivists we work alongside.

Lightning rounds #28: Online learning with Callie Tennyson

We chat with Callie Tennyson, DNP, ACNP-BC, AACC, CHSE, assistant professor from the Duke University School of Nursing, about the use of the internet and social media for medical education: trends, challenges, and principles for doing it right.

Lightning rounds #27: Burnout and career satisfaction

We chat about why people get burned out in medicine, how to weigh the pros and cons of our work, and the right perspective on job satisfaction.

Lightning rounds #27: Our favorite FOAM

Bryan and Brandon share their favorite podcasts, blogs, social media, and other online channels for medical education.



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Lightning rounds #26: How we follow the medical literature

We discuss our approach to keeping up with research, learn about new studies, interpret them, and some general thoughts on how to apply new literature to our practice.

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Lightning rounds #25: FailureFest! (Why we’re bad and so are you)

A candid discussion of our flaws, mistakes, weaknesses, and errors, and a look at why it’s important to reflect on these things in medicine, acknowledge them, and try to improve.

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Lightning rounds #24: Getting into leadership roles

After our recent episodes on publishing papers and giving talks, we close off with a review of leadership and academic rank: sitting on committees, educational roles, faculty appointments, and more.

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Lightning rounds #23: How we do end-of-life care

A general discussion about how we recognize patients are dying, how we steer into discussions regarding goals of care, and the many biases and errors we often bring to the table.

Two-part blog post at Critical Concepts on palliative care ICU admissions, including a detailed script for the conversation.

Three-part blog post at Critical Concepts on our biases